Pop music with a brain. Kylie Minogue is our spirit animal. 

Our Story

NeuroPop is the monthly pop music newsletter bringing you new tracks, pseudo-intellectual articles, and personal narratives. This is pop music with a brain. Bubblegum, indie, dreampop, alternative, disco -- we're pop agnostic. 


Carmon Reynolds grew up repping ABBA on the hard streets of an Oregon suburb. After completing degrees in English Literature and 19th Century Studies, he decided libraries and dead people were a bit dull and now works in account management for an ecommerce start up (he still has a fondness for libraries and dead people though). Additional interests include cookies, pink champagne, tacos, and the Real Housewives franchise. 

Daniel Wikey grew up on tacky fantasy novels, dress up, and musical theater. A student of anthropology and religious studies in college, he currently works in lifestyle PR and marketing for a book publisher. Interests include cake, fairy tales, all things Scandinavian, and soapy TV dramas.